Flutes Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our handpipes for life because we're in it for life, too. Our products are precision-machined, handcrafted, then closely inspected to ensure that your Flutes handpipe will keep up with you for years to come.

In other words, we have your back.

What's covered?
All Caps and Cartridges are covered under the warranty for life.
  1. The smoking functionality. We guarantee our Caps and Cartridges to be free from any defects in manufacturing that render the device unusable for smoking. This includes defects caused by a poor fit between the two parts, inability to rotate to different smoking positions when device is clean, etc.
  2. Major scratches or dents. While no Flutes handpipe will have a perfect surface finish, we guarantee that your product will arrive free from major scratches and dents that noticeably lessen the beauty of your device.
  3. The magnets, specifically. Though this rarely happens, if any of the magnets in your piece become dislodged, Flutes will send you extra replacement magnets and easy instructions to reset your magnets in a snap.

What's not covered?
  1. Minor dings or scratches that are hard to notice and don't affect the functionality of the device.
  2. Lost or stolen Caps and Cartridges.
  3. Flutes that have been mishandled (i.e. magnets heated with torch or lighter, run over by a car, stomped on, dropped from extremely high places, etc.)

How to start a warranty claim:
If you believe your Flutes handpipe is covered in our lifetime warranty, just send an email to warranty@smokeflutes.com. Include a picture of the problem you're having and someone will reach out to resolve it as quickly as we can.

If there is an issue with only one part (i.e. a Cartridge that has lost a magnet but the Cap has all magnets intact) we will focus on resolving the issue with the defective part.