How to smoke Flutes

Clean the Cartridge

Flutes cartridges are designed to be cleaned between each use. It takes 2 minutes to clean and dry a single cartridge or 1 minute per cartridge if batch-cleaning 15 or more.

Even though there is a "right way" to clean a cartridge, it's easy to clean using hot water and handsoap with the cleaning tool or by filling the silicon sleeve with coarse salt and 91% isopropyl alcohol and shaking until clean (rubbing alcohol is flammable, use caution and store sealed and away from other smoking equipment).

Caps should be cleaned by filling them with coarse salt and 91% isopropyl alcohol and shaking.

To batch-clean up to 15 Caps or Cartridges, just place them in a ziplock bag filled with isopropyl alcohol and course salt. Gently shake clean or temporarily soak. Rinse clean.


Load the Cartridge

To pack a Flutes Cartridge, simply grind your herbs, then use the Cartridge as a shovel to scoop them into the smoking chamber.

Gently tamp the herbs down with the tamping tool until the entire chamber is filled, loosely packed, and evenly distributed.

Tip: Don't pack too tightly or airflow will be constricted and the chamber will burn unevenly as a result. 


Smoke Waterpipe

To smoke Flutes with a waterpipe, simply attach the Flutes handpipe's mouthpiece and the 14mm waterpipe downstem, then twist to one of the two smoke settings and inhale the flame through the visible herbs.

Quickly twist to the smokefree setting to instantly seal the smoking chamber, clear the waterpipe and flood it with fresh air.


Smoke Handpipe

To smoke Flutes as a handpipe, twist to the correct smoking setting and inhale the flame through the herbs.

Twist with your fingers and lips to simultaneously extinguish the smoking chambers and flood the inside of the handpipe with fresh air.


Quick-change a Cartridge

To quick-change a backup Flutes Cartridge, always remove the fresh cartridge first then remove the used cartridge and place it directly into the silicon sleeve rather than holding it between your fingers.

Throw the used cartridge in your pocket and enjoy smoking your fresh cartridge.