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Classic Cartridge

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A Flutes Classic Cartridge includes:

1 dry-herb cartridge, which requires a Flutes Cap to be smoked

1 red silicon sleeve

If this is a first-time purchase, consider the Classic Kit which has everything you need to get started and also includes a helpful cleaning and packing tool.


About Flutes cartridges:
Flutes cartridges hold up to .35 grams of dry-herbs and can be smoked in two sessions by switching from the first bowl to the second with a twist.

Store freshly packed cartridges in the red silicon sleeve to bring with you as backups on-the-go. No need to bring a grinder or bulky equipment with you on adventures. Just quick-change and you're ready to smoke again.

After they're finished, slip the cartridge back into the silicon sleeve to seal the smell inside and store securely in your pocket.