Why is reducing smoke and smell important?

Many people prefer the experience of smoking but don't like the sidestream smoke, the distinct smell, or feeling stigmatized by others around them. They also want to smoke healthier by protecting their family, pets and furniture from secondhand smoke.

Secondhand smoke is made of two streams; mainstream and sidestream.

Mainstream is what smokers inhale into their lungs. Sidestream is the extra, wasted smoke that leaks from the smoldering smoking device at lower temperatures. Surprisingly, sidestream smoke is four times as toxic as mainstream smoke.

To reduce secondhand smoke and smell, use a Flutes handpipe to eliminate the wasted sidestream smoke and exhale into a smokefree exhale filter to capture the mainstream.


Is the Flutes handpipe for tobacco use only?


Is it a vape?

No, it is not a vape. Flutes handpipes are combustion smoking devices.

Will it be hot in my hand?

Nope. Flutes are made with a thick aluminum alloy that conducts heat quickly, distributing and containing the heat, while protecting your hand.

Can it really be smoked with a waterpipe?

Yes, in fact, one third of customers report that they frequently smoke Flutes this way. Just make sure that the waterpipe has the standard 14mm size downstem.

How is it healthier than other handpipes?

Beside reducing secondhand smoke, Flutes Cartridges also prevent bacteria from growing over time because they're designed to be cleaned after each use. Industry studies have shown that handpipes harbor dangerous levels of bacteria, especially when shared socially.

It's easy to smoke Flutes with friends without spreading germs because each Cartridge is a fresh mouthpiece.

If there are just two of you smoking, one can use the waterpipe and the other can smoke Flutes as a handpipe, reducing the spread of germs.

If there are more of you, just bring enough Cartridges or waterpipes for everyone and don't forget a Cap!


How is it more discreet than other handpipes or bowl attachments?

Our handpipes completely eliminate sidestream smoke by instantly sealing the burning bowl and fresh air floods the inside of the pipe with a twist.

For a truly smokefree session, where exhale smoke is also filtered, use a Flutes  handpipe alongside a smokefree filter like Philter Labs, Sploofy, SmokeBuddy, or SmokeTrap.


How much can it hold?

The Classic Cartridge holds .35 grams of material.