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Hand Pipe Kit

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The Hand Pipe Kit includes:

1 Cartridge (includes red silicone sleeve)

1 Cap

1 Tamping tool

The Hand Pipe Kit has everything you need to get started smoking with Flutes.

With a Cap and Cartridge you have a fully-assembled hand pipe for on-the-go smoking, then when it's time for cleaning and storage you have the tamping/cleaning tool and the red silicone sleeve.

About the Cartridges:
Flutes cartridges hold up to a half gram of smoking material, which can be smoked in two sessions by switching from the first bowl to the second bowl with a twist.

You can store freshly packed cartridges in a pocket or bag to bring with you on-the-go.

After smoking, slide the cartridge back into the red silicone sleeve to seal in smell and store securely.

About the Cap:
The Flutes cap displays the hand-stamped logo, and one cap is needed to smoke cartridges that you've packed with smoking material.

Every cap is backwards-compatible with every cartridge to allow for upgrading between devices.